Pacific Drive’s release date was announced with a trailer

Pacific Rim will be published on February 22, 2024As announced in a new trailer during PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted. The trailer gave us a fresh look at the so-called “road-like” structure, which combines survival elements like resource scavenging and crafting with an almost rogue-like, race-based structure. You will travel through a surreal vision of the Olympic Peninsula in America’s Pacific Northwest.

The US government is worried about everything strange events Occurred on the peninsula and took control of the region. Once everyone has been evacuated, your mission is to overcome the supernatural storm that is heading towards the center of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. As you travel, the mystery of a science experiment gone awry will slowly be unraveled, and the trailer shows the various diversions to be encountered: large red spheres flying into the air, strange scientific equipment, and lots of floating debris.

Gameplay of Pacific Drive

Pacific Rim

Between one trip and the next, you’ll need to: fix your car So he can take part in the next race, build various sci-fi gear that will change his appearance, and swap out various parts of his chassis for special upgrades.

Pacific Drive was supposed to be released this year but was delayed IronWood Studios allowing the developer to prioritize the health of their team.

We would like to remind you that we have tried Pacific Drive before.

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