One of Apple designers says iPhone 15 Pro will be the best gaming console

iPhone 15 Pro will be there best game console: This is supported by senior manager of GPU Software. AppleIn an interview with IGN, Jeremy Sandmel explained that ultimately, the best console is the one you can always carry with you.

In reality, as we know, the problem is not only limited to the portability of the new smartphone of the Cupertino company, but also and above all its renewed gaming passionsProven with the announcement of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village.

Unlike what happened on Nintendo Switch, these are not cloud versions Alongside these latest-gen games, there are also versions built to run natively at 30fps on the iPhone 15 Pro: something that seemed impossible until recently.

Sandmel’s words

“As you probably know, there’s display resolution, then there’s game resolution, then there’s frame rate and game rendering,” Sandmel said about connecting to an external monitor. “With technologies like this MetalFX upgradeWe can separate these two things.”

“The game can be run very high frame rates, get great quality results and then upscale any screen resolution, whether it’s an iPhone screen or an external display. So yes, the iPhone can connect to 4K displays and power them externally to do anything you do on the phone, including gaming.”

“I guess they say the best gaming console is the one you can take with you everywhere,” Sandmel added. “So iPhone 15 Pro will be the best game console.”

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