Official release date on Sunbreak, PlayStation and Xbox [aggiornata] –

Prominent leaker Tom Henderson explains progress release date related to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset Open PlayStations and Xboxes: According to their sources, the Capcom hunting game expansion will be available starting April 28, 2023.

This leak was also confirmed by Capcom with a trailer where the company announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on April 28. The original story is below.

With 5 million copies currently between PC and Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak appears to be the latest victim of a leak that is slowly draining Capcom Spotlight starting tonight at 23.10.

Presumably during streaming, the Japanese company will formalize all this information, including the first rumor of the Resident Evil 4 demo in shadowdrop, to the delight of many fans of the survival horror series.

Returning to Sunbreak, as you know, it is an expansion pack that enriches the Monster Hunter Rise experience by introducing new monsters, new scenarios and new mechanics: more details in our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review.

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