new update lets you play in third person –

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, developers have created a new Update free Bright Memory: Infiniteamong other things, third personso you can see the 3D model of Sheila.

Thus the so-called selection Perspective assisted mode We’ll be able to see Sheila moving and shooting without aiming, but not while aiming, using skills, using Light Knife, defending herself, and using grapple (in case the camera is turned to first person).

Also added two new ones costumes In DLC: Cyber ​​Bunny and Bunny School Uniform.

cyber bunny costume

Rabbit School Uniform costume
Rabbit School Uniform costume

Could this be an opportunity to get back to playing with Bright Memory: Infinite? Of course, this incredible focus on releasing new costumes for Sheila, some obviously sexyinstead of trying to lengthen the game a bit, it makes you think about which audience it appeals to.

Anyway, right now All DLC available with costumes on Steam 30% off. If you’re interested in changing Sheila’s clothes and making her fight the villains in a swimsuit, now you can do it for a few euros less.

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