More than two million copies sold for Sifu, Sloclap action

happened that total sales for two million copies Just before the Steam and Xbox release last month: Kepler Interactive announced this, confirming the success so far of the action game developed by Sloclap.

As we know, the series has attracted the attention of major producers, and a few months ago news came that Sifu will be a live-action movie from the creator of John Wick. In short, the concept and characters of the game seem to have reached their goal.

“Sifu, who was nominated for multiple awards, sold over one million copies in its first three weeks, surpassing two million before launching on Xbox and Steam this month,” the publisher’s press release states.

In our Sifu review, we spoke very positively about the formula Sloclap came up with, which is a heartfelt homage to the martial arts world backed by some intriguing mechanics such as the hero’s ability to resurrect after death.

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