Minecraft the Movie has a new release date, get ready for a long wait

As reported on the pages of The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. updated its program by announcing a new one. release date between minecraft movie with Jason Momoa, who apparently isn’t nearby. we’re actually talking about April 4, 2025basically two years from now.

The movie’s release was previously set for March 2022 or even earlier in 2019, but it seems that complications from Covid-19 and directorial changes over the years are now in the hands of Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite). Some creative differences with Mojang caused the completion of the work to be delayed considerably. Dune producers Mary Parent and Roy Lee, and Monjang’s Lydia Winters and Vu Bui are also working on the film.

Details about the movie are scarce right now, so we’ll have to wait to learn more about the cast and plot. In this context, we present the summary of Mojang in 2019, which we still do not even know its validity at this point:

“The evil Ender Dragon has embarked on a path of destruction, prompting a young girl and her extraordinary group of adventurers to embark on a mission to save the Overworld,” it wrote.

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