Metroid Prime Remastered, press votes very high –

First votes be appointed print an international Metroid Prime Remastered It’s very high: the current Metascore for the Nintendo game is equal to 95, but the posts that have expressed themselves so far can really be counted on the fingers of one hand.

  • GAMEBible – 10
  • Nintendo Life – 10
  • Nintenderos (Spain) – 9.5
  • Vandal (Spain) – 9.5
  • Nintendo (Spain) – 9.1
  • GamePro (Germany) – 8.7

It’s clearly no coincidence: Metroid Prime Remastered was announced during the Nintendo Direct on Wednesday and is immediately available with a resounding sound. shadow drop baffling everyone, including private sites.

It’s interesting to note that Retro Studios isn’t the only developer of Metroid Prime Remastered, in fact the team list is very long and so we’re dealing with a chorus that was created with great care and attention, as the initial votes show.

“Take back your outfit and navigate the interconnected twisty environments of an alien planet that is as fascinating as it is dangerous,” its official website reads. “Use various abilities such as the classic Morphosphere and Hook Ray to reach the most hidden areas and continue your adventure.”

“With overhauled sound and graphics, unlockable illustrations, and new control options, Samus’ first 3D adventure reaches new heights. Use the new dual-bar control scheme, aim with the motion controls, switch to the classic control scheme, or choose from: it’s up to you how you play.”

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