MediEvil: One of the authors is in serious financial trouble and is selling his collection

Developer Jason Wilson (better known as Jay Gunn), one of the writers of the series MediEvilHe is in financial trouble and has decided to put his company up for sale. drawing collection and series-related projects to try and stay afloat while looking for a new job.

Wilson shared his situation on Twitter, announcing that he has put up for sale his entire collection of MediEvil drawings and design documents, which he made when he was the series’ lead game designer, art director, and writer.

There To collect Includes hundreds of drawings, notes and notebooks full of drawings, level design guidelines and much more. According to Wilson, it’s the most complete development archive ever, starting from the field and going through all phases of production.

Why can’t you find a job? In his view, why do the many roles he takes on in the video game industry confuse recruiters? In any case, it really embarrassed him to ask for help like this, but given the situation he was in, he couldn’t have done otherwise.

After the warm response to his post, Wilson revealed an even more dramatic truth in a LinkedIn update. basically working together sonyBetween exercise and impossible deadlines, it had sent him into burnout. He also had to take a year off as he was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer and the doctors gave him five years to live. However, it seems that the doctors were wrong and managed to go even further, but this whole circumstance greatly affected his life.

Jason Wilson is a longtime developer with tons of games including James Pond 2: Robocod, Motörhead, Deadline and much more. The last game he worked on as a consultant is the 2019 version of MediEvil.

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