Marathon: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer lead comes Andrew Witts, moved to Bungie

The revolving doors between 343 Industries, Epic Games and Bungie: Andrew Wittsformer leader Halo Infinite’s multiplayer designerrecently moved to Bungie to work on marathonThe newly released new multiplayer shooter is tied to the team’s old franchise.

Meanwhile, Witts actually spent a year at Epic Games: he was actually lead game designer on the Fortnite team from April 2022 to July 2023, after the developer left his position at 343 Industries, which he covered from 2019 to 2022. .

However, he remains focused on what appears to be his specialty, or rather, game design on the purely multiplayer front, an area where he has demonstrated considerable experience and skill and will retest with his development. Marathon.

That said, it’s interesting to note how the ties between 343 Industries and Bungie have remained pretty solid; this shows how fundamentally the roots of the two teams are in common, even with the Epic Games cut to enrich the subject’s curriculum in this case.

Marathon is Bungie’s new game, recently announced during the PlayStation Showcase, as one of many live service projects in development at PlayStation Studios’ first batch.
Given the experience of the team in question, this is probably one of the largest projects of its kind under development at Sony – if not the largest.

Marathon is tied to an old Bungie franchise that was created between the company’s early projects and specifically linked to Mac platforms, but it has apparently been deeply reworked with this new incarnation, it’s cross-platform in nature, so it won’t be Playstation exclusive.

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