Like Dragon Infinite Wealth, the ESRB reminds us that we’ll see Ichiban’s butt

IESRB – The US classification society – similar to our PEGI – shared the classification of: Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Obviously the game received an M for Mature, which basically corresponds to our +18. The series is known for violence and many themes that are not suitable for young people, and it is no surprise to anyone that it received this classification.

However, the institution also shared the following: description of content, can’t help but make you smile in his last sentence. In fact, we can read: “A long sequence depicts a man with his buttocks exposed, while various objects obscure his genitals.”

This is clearly a reference to the scene seen during the presentation of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. Let’s remember that Ichiban has actually found himself completely. naked on the beach and the camera blocks our view of her private parts through a series of objects.

Full description of the game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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There full definition The translation of the text shared by the ESRB for Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is as follows: “Players take turns selecting moves from a menu to use punches, kicks, and weapons (e.g. guns, knives, swords) to defeat enemies. Interludes show examples of intense violence: montage of a man stabbing, slashing and punching his enemies (with close-ups and blood splatter effects).”

He then continues with the following sentence: “Throughout the game, the players stewardess club improving ties among party members; Players can choose from a variety of stewardesses (dressed in bikini tops and hot pants) and watch them dance on poles.” Even the existence of stewardess clubs is hardly new to the saga.

Finally, we leave you with the gameplay video of the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth demo, which is over 50 minutes long.

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