Lies of P: Players are already considering turning it into Bloodborne

Some modders they want to convert P lies inside transmitted through blood, because Sony is not showing any signs of wanting to buy the game at all. In fact, more than three thousand days have passed since Bloodborne’s release on PS4, and many are still yearning for the PS5 patch and PC version, which is still talked about but never realized.

That’s why some mod developers have coincidentally started working on new and promising spirits in the demo to add a dash of Bloodborne. Next, they produced the mod “Bloodborne Hunter Weapons & Armor in Lies of P”, the title of which already explains everything. Mod maker Isatrix changed the hero, replacing it with the title FromSoftware Hunter, and adding some items: Hunter Suit, Saw Ax and Ludwig’s Holy Sword.

Naturally, the additions certainly fit, given how much Lies of P owes to Bloodborne in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. Sure, it’s not the PC conversion many people crave, but it’s the best you can get right now, with a PlayStation-style adaptation.

Single problem The peculiarity of the mod is that you have to subscribe to download it. Patreon of Garden of EyesA choice that will eliminate the possibility of playing for many people.

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