Legal dispute between ZA/UM and game maker resolved –

There legal dispute ongoing work between Disc Elysium – ZA/UM – and game maker Kaur Kender issue fixed. ZA/UM studio announced that Kender, who is no longer on the team, has paid all his debts to him.

In addition, according to the court decision; Kender pays back CEO Ilmar Kompus For legal fees resulting from the lawsuit dropped in December. He also disposed of all his shares in the company. “I am grateful for the years of trust and collaboration with the team that have made Disco Elysium a successful project,” said Kender. “After leaving my full-time job, I filed a lawsuit that I realized was false after seeing the facts.”

It all started in the last months of 2022. Claims against Kompus By Kender, who claimed that Kompus spent $4.8 million in company funds to become the studio’s majority shareholder. But Kompus paid for the company.

“As this transaction demonstrates, open discussions are the best way to clarify misunderstandings and differences, especially when it benefits the team,” Kompus said. “We approached this issue with the shared interests of ZA/UM and our incredible team in mind, and we are delighted to have reached a comprehensive resolution.”

Added to this were other events: at the end of 2022 it turned out that three key figures in the development of Disco Elysium – Helen Hindpere, Robert Kurvitz and Aleksander Rostov “involuntarily” left the company.

ZA/UM is also a part of both Kurvitz and Rostov’s “unfair dismissalHowever, the company also says it continues to face “a series of unsubstantiated allegations from former employees” and expects other claims to be “validated after legal and factual review”.

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