Laura Bailey talked about the death threats she received in The Last of Us Part 2

Laura Baileyin which The Last of Us Part 2 Playing the character of Abby, speaking in the documentary Grounded 2: The Making of The Last of Us Part 2 death threats Received from some users.

The facts go back to the sensational leak times of The Last of Us Part 2. a large number of gaming videos have appeared onlinereveals the central plot, which enraged many fans.

“Every time I go online, I encounter the same story,” the actor said. “Death threats, scary statements. “The worst ones, the ones that looked most serious, we forwarded them to the appropriate people to make sure they didn't come from someone living nearby.”

They even threatened my son, was born during the process. Yes, it was difficult, very difficult. But you know what? After all, somehow… it taught me to keep my distance. Should I explain myself?”

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