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Today, February 19, 2023, tenth anniversary of the output Metal Gear Rising: RevengeSpecial spin-off action that upends the conventions of the show with a look that’s absolutely different than ever before.

To provide a distinctly different identity from the classic stealth act of Kojimiana memory, there was the PlatinumGames team involved in the development of the game, published entirely by Konami, during a key experimentation period. The result was a very special game that did not achieve the success of the regular episodes of the series, but became a kind of cult and was especially appreciated by fans of pure action.

The absolute hero of Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Raidenhere in its latest version of cybernetics, which has finally freed itself from the confines of more realistic and serious action to navigate the stylish action space where sword strikes can cut through almost anything.

Unfortunately, those expecting great news for the anniversary will be disappointed right now: It turns out there are none. republish or for that matter important news beyond a simple tweet posted by the official account of the Metal Gear series.

When the game’s tenth anniversary celebrations were announced, many thought of a possible remaster or remake of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but Konami doesn’t seem to agree. In any case, this could be an excellent opportunity to rediscover the original, which still turns out to be a very good title.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is perfectly backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One until there is any news from the publisher regarding the game in question. For some strange reason, last May saw a 1000% increase in the number of players.

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