Immortals of Aveum Launch Trailer: Now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Immortals of the Aveum there is a lunch promotionAlso featured on Opening Night Live 2023: the game is now Available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|Sand aims to engage us in an exciting, magic-based shooter experience.

As we wrote in the Immortals of Aveum review, Ascendant Studios’ first game has been confirmed a purebred shooterIt is characterized by crazy and spectacular gameplay, as well as a degree of difficulty that becomes really challenging after a certain point.

a magical world

The story told by Immortals of Aveum is the story of Jak, who lives with his friends in the slums of the magical kingdom of Lucium, but decides to become an orphan after witnessing their massacre at the hands of Rasharn’s army one day. martial magician to avenge them.

In fact, the child has the nature of a triarchy, that is, he is able to manipulate all three colors of mystical energy that dominates the Aveum but at the same time opens a great rift in the earth that dooms it to destruction, threatening to engulf it. everything and everyone, if not something will be done to stop it.

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