Horizon series will continue for a long time: There are 16 projects being worked on

There Horizon series Seems like it will go on for a long time time, unsurprisingly Guerilla Games currently has sixteen projects in the pipeline this is related to intellectual property: studio director Jan-Bart van Beek explained this in a speech he gave a few weeks ago.

After the launch of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, fears spread among fans that this might happen. Aloy’s last adventurehowever, van Beek disproved this assumption during his participation in Develop:Brighton.

“We will continue for a long time,” the studio director said, referring to the sixteen projects currently under construction for the series, some of which can be described as follows. new episodes. “We’re also working on a multiplayer game, as some already know.”

New achievements on the horizon

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy

van Beek focused precisely on:collaborative experience Horizon of Horizon describes it as a project of great importance to the team, characterized by a production value similar to that of the original Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as a bearer of unprecedented challenges such as the need to create a game that can be shared. two players.

Also, the franchise has seen its release recently. spin-off in virtual reality Horizon Call of the Mountain, which tries to translate the traditional mechanics of the saga by making the most of the features of the PlayStation VR2 viewer.

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