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IO Interactive has given updates on a possible situation. new chapter of the series hitmanstating that he put it on hold to devote himself to development, project 007Officially licensed game of the world’s most famous secret agent.

Chief creative officer Christian Elverdam spoke about the game in an interview with Eurogamer.net and later added as a result: “Obviously we’re going to get back in love. Agent 47After all, IO Interactive has developed primarily around the success of the assassin, the protagonist of one of the longest-running stealth franchises on the market, and recently embellished with a successful trilogy. After all, Elverdam seems to have ideas of when to return to work on it: “Okay, well, based on everything we’ve learned, what would we do if we had to redesign a sandbox – what would it look like?”

Project 007 was announced in 2020, and it was recently suggested that it may still be years away from its launch. IO Interactive has another ongoing project, an online fantasy RPG that could go even further in the future. From this we deduce that if all goes well, we will only see the next Hitman many years from now; this is almost a given now given the extremely long development times of triple-A video games.

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