Has Immortals of Aveum’s release date been revealed by a leak?

There release date related to Immortals of the Aveum may have been exposed by an infiltrator, and since it was the latter billbil-kunwe may regard as a practical certainty, absolutely good, with regard to such information.

Therefore, the game was expected to be like this: 20 July 2023At this point, it is waiting for an official announcement that may come shortly. Announced with a trailer at TGA 2022, Immortals of Aveum is a single-player first-person shooter published by EA Originals, EA’s dedicated brand of indie.

We knew it was expected for 2023 but meanwhile it almost disappeared from the radar. Around this time, billbil-kun wrote a tweet announcing that the game’s release should be set for July 20, 2023, and considering before that the source has always been completely reliable, we can take this information very seriously. .

We haven’t seen more than the first presentation trailer revealed at TGA 2022 yet, but it looks like a single-player shooter, characterized by the presence of magic that strongly characterizes the game world and gameplay. itself.

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