GTA 5 and Online sold 180 million copies, the series passed 400 million

The latest official data shared by Take-Two repeatedly confirms the huge difference. GTA 5 and Online. Specifically, the game exceeded the quota 180 million copies soldwith a series that exceeded the ceiling of 400 million in total.

In November 2022, it had passed the 170 million copies mark, which is about six months. 10 million more. Considering we’re talking about a game released in 2013, these are numbers that almost any publisher would envy.

Also, Take-Two remembers that the must-have item is GTA 5. reached the billion-dollar milestone faster grossing in the entire history of entertainment and being the best-selling game in the US in the last 10 years. We’re talking about the unique rather than rare case of a single game that, among other things, has recorded record numbers over three consecutive video game generations.

Mind-blowing numbers that continue to increase year-over-year and will likely see a significant increase upon release. GTA 6. In this regard, we note that Take-Two has suggested in the same financial report that the next episode of the series could hit store shelves in fiscal 2025.

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