GrimGrimoire OnceMore notes excellent for a vanillaware game remake

GrimGrimoire Once Again undoubtedly a critical achievement: reorganize Developed by vanillaware, RTS was welcomed by the international press. votes it’s really excellent, especially on the Nintendo Switch version.

  • Silicone – 9
  • – ​​8.5
  • Noisy Pixels – 8.5
  • CG Magazine – 8
  • Destroyers – 8
  • PlayerRD – 8
  • Nintendo Life – 7
  • Player – 7
  • Movies Games and Technology – 6.5
  • Finger Guns – 6

As you can see, most of the ratings are extremely positive, including our review of GrimGrimoire OnceMore by Marco Perri, but there really are no shortcomings. a little more critical right into the game.

Remaster’s strengths are undoubtedly still very solid gameplay, this version’s many new features, and the possibility of enjoying a strategic game of this thickness on Nintendo Switch in portability, which should not be underestimated.

The lowest votes on the list are due to the addition of a skill tree that will make fights harder, and secondly, the controller configuration that doesn’t adapt very well to the use of the controller.

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