Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn new expansion pack, here’s what’s new

Crate Entertainment announced Grim Dawn’s new expansion, called Asterkarn’s Teeth. This new expansion will be released on various platforms such as Steam, GOG and Humble Store on PC next year. Requires you to own the base game and the previous two expansionsFor 2017’s Ashes of Malmouth and 2019’s Forgotten Gods, Crate Entertainment has yet to announce pricing but says it will be comparable to the aforementioned expansions.

Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn Does not increase level cap or Devotion caphowever, an entirely new region (Asterkarn) and the game’s tenth mastery will be added: Berserkers.

“HE Wild they are the fierce and unyielding defenders of Asterkarn, who embrace the gifts of the beast god Mogdrogen to transform into wild animal forms. They draw on the harsh and unforgiving winds of Asterkarn to strengthen their weapons and destroy their enemies. When not in their wolf form, Berserkers engage their prey in brutal two-weapon combat, but in their skilled hands or claws any weapon can be lethal.”

New in Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn

Cruel Dawn

Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn also adds one “Ascending” game mode This increases the challenge level, but also introduces thirty additional waves to the Crucible (provided you own this DLC), a potion customization function that allows players to modify potions to suit their particular playstyle, a conversion function that allows you to recalculate their stats. rare and magical items, new zones and arenas for bosses in the Shattered Realm, new super bosses and Nemesis bosses, as well as five new heroic monster archetypes, an awakening function that makes epic items even more powerful, two new rogue-like dungeons, and hundreds of new items ( including some legendary ones).

Crate Entertainment is also working on it1.2 updatethe details of which we hope to discover soon.

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