Genshin Impact: fan recreates computer animations with mathematical functions on a graphing calculator

This Genshin Impact character animations they are usually of high quality with lots of motion frames. Even the fans know this well, and one of them decided to pay homage to the free-to-play with an extremely creative yet extremely complex creation. As you can see in the video below, he created animations of some characters by typing math functions on a computer. graphing calculator.

why graphing calculator? It is a tool that allows you to write a function and get the corresponding value in graphical format. For example, if x+1 you will get a straight line, if you write many functions you will get a plot. Do this for each frame and then put all the frames one after the other at the right speed and you’ll have an animation. Put it this way it sounds simple (more or less), but it’s clearly something very complex, or at least time consuming.

of all Genshin Impact character animations Barbara’s, recreated here, seems to be the hardest to do, especially since it’s quite long with a lot of movement. For example, Paimon flaps its wings in the same spot without much change, so it’s faster (but still not fast, that’s for sure).

This video is (again?) proof that video games are just one of many video games. art forms inspiring other arts. Drawing with a graphing calculator may not be everyone’s first choice, but it displays great art.

If you’re not interested in drawings, we’ll let you know that update 3.7 may bring a fan-requested feature.

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