Fortnite x Avenged Sevenfold: Heavy Metal band suggests upcoming collaboration

Heavy Metal band Avenged Sevenfold (or A7X, depending on your preference) shared a post on X where we can see a short video taken from Fortnite and the word “soon” (in the original). Is there some sort of crossover event on the way?

For now, let’s point out that there is no official information on the subject yet, so we cannot give definitive information on the subject, but it seems likely that the group will appear in some format within Fortnite. The concert is the most believable, considering that Epic Games has held digital concerts within the game in the past.

Many collaborations for Fortnite

Dragon Ball also became a part of Fortnite

Collaborations are now the bread and butter for Fortnite. We’ve seen very different characters (real or fictional) appear in battle royale over the years. A non-exhaustive list includes names like Ahsoka Tano, Alan Wake, Jack Skellington, Michael Myers, Lewis Hamilton, 11 (Stranger Things), Omni-Man and more.

As for the group, avenged sevenfold He debuted in 2001 and became famous with City of Evil in 2005. A7X’s eighth album, Life is But a Dream, was released in June 2023.

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