Fortnite: 40% of proceeds will go to creators for the game

Epic Games announces big change in economy Fortniteallows it to be subdivided considerably. revenues either right content writers for the game they can trust 40% According to the new rules announced.

in what is offered Creative Economy 2.0During the State of Unreal conference, Epic Games announced a new Fortnite dividend payout system that more directly engages active users in content creation.

This is a significant evolution of the “Support the Creator” program, according to which authors of these contents can receive 5% of purchases made by users in the internal store. But it’s not just a change in money division, it’s also promotion Perhaps even more important is the content.

The new organization aims for a Roblox-style system in terms of community engagements, but with a general reorganization in terms of presentation as well. The economic resource pool for creators now accounts for 40% of Fortnite’s total profits, and the program also includes increased visibility of content.

More information on this is available at: this address. It is clear that such a change will also be supported by the release of Fortnite Unreal Editor, a powerful tool that will allow you to create content more easily and completely.

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