Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to Nintendo Switch 2, “works like a PS5 game” according to a leak

I Am a Hero, the leaker who previously revealed Persona 3 Reload, has returned to Reddit and shared some potential information about the game. Nintendo Switch 2or whatever the name of the Kyoto company’s next console is, it looks like the launch lineup will also boast a Porting Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Deep Throat states: “Final Fantasy 7 Remake It looks and works like a PS5 game “It’s in the Switch 2 developer kit,” he said, adding that the transformation required very little development time, so much so that in his view it is one of the launch games for the new Nintendo console, which could arrive in the second half of 2024.

Will Nintendo Switch 2 have cameras and new cartridges?

This is not the only detail about Nintendo Switch 2 shared by I am Hero Too; It is stated that the console’s devkits have been in the hands of the developers for a while and the console is currently available. backwards compatible with the previous model.

He also added that the device will use a new type of cartridge and, more interestingly, will have new functionality tied to the use of a cartridge. cameraan element not available on the previous console.

Frankly, this is all information that is impossible to verify and therefore caution should be exercised while waiting to hear from Nintendo itself.

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