Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: There is controversy over the official pronunciation of Cait Sith

official pronunciation Cait Sith created a big one argument among fans Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Final Fantasy VII, because it anglicized the character’s name while ignoring its Celtic origins.

Players’ big debates

Even Sephiroth was shocked by the official pronunciation of Cait Sith

This week, Square Enix dropped the bombshell: Cait Sith is officially pronounced “Kate Sihth.”

The news was supposed to put an end to a decades-long debate, but in reality it had the opposite effect and reignited the debate. In fact, many fans thought it was pronounced “ket she” in keeping with its Celtic folklore-inspired Cait Sith origins.

Therefore, fans were divided between those who were happy to discover this game. pronunciation and those who were disappointed that the character’s roots were underplayed. Some have also pointed out that the Japanese name is more respectful of its Celtic roots. Moreover, the good Cait Sith is pronounced with a Scottish accent in many regions, so it’s not clear why Square Enix didn’t want to go all the way by formalizing the Celtic pronunciation. Maybe because it makes purchasing easier for millions of people? Maybe.

While we think about this issue, we would like to remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be temporarily available exclusively starting from February 29, 2024. PS5.

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