Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Square Enix wants to pass FF12’s Gambit combat system

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will have combat system allies will be equipped with a more useful and proactive AI in battle, Overcome Gambit of Final Fantasy 12. At least, Satoru Koyama, chief warfare programmer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake remakes, explained this in an interview featured in the game’s official book, Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, published by Square Enix.

Especially in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Koyama said that AI-powered companions are limited to performing normal attacks and that they can give the player spells, skills, etc. He announced that he left the task of switching from one character to another to perform. But in the second remake, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the chief combat programmer more active allies in war.

“With Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we ensured that AI-controlled teammates could only execute the Attack command to allow players to switch between characters while fighting,” Koyama said. “However, with the next game, I want to create an AI that can: juggle with various techniques and spells. My goal is to beat Final Fantasy XII’s Gambit system.”

It’s interesting that Koyama mentioned Gambit, which seems to indicate that in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players will be able to pre-determine what actions they will have to perform in battle and in what situations via a special menu.

for those who don’t know, Gambit It is one of the most important mechanics on which Final Fantasy 12 is based. Through this system, players can create the routine that is basically adopted by AI-powered companions at any time in battle, through a series of commands to be created and assigned to slots. then they are followed to the letter in battle. A well-organized Gambit will potentially let you finish fights without even pressing a single button, while disabling it the characters will not take any action without the player’s direct command.

Koyama also added that he wanted to create a genre. Classic Modewhere characters automatically fight to adapt to players unfamiliar with action games.

“I also want to focus more energy on aspects that support player control, such as Classic Mode, where characters fight automatically. It’s a shame people can’t play a game they’re interested in simply because they want to. We’re not skilled at action-oriented mechanics.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is currently in development for PS5 and is expected to be released. next winterhence towards the end of the year or in the first months of 2024.

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