Eternights: Early release date and new gameplay trailer for Future Games Show 2023

endless nightsStudio Sai’s distinctive RPG with “sim-date” elements showed itself with a new game. game trailers In the Future Games Show 2023, where the announcement of the new one was also made. release date, strangely expected more than previously reported.

Therefore, infinities will be available from: September 12, 2023With a change of a few days compared to the previously announced one, which is set for September 21.

The title got some attention due to its distinctive mix of features, which, as we saw in the video, brings together slightly different genres.

Mixed detail of Eternights

Infinities are actually a mixture of the two. action game and dating simulatorA whimsical mix that combines a love story with some adrenaline-pumping action-RPG-style combat: that way you find yourself having romantic evenings with various characters as you try to survive during the apocalypse.

The mechanism that requires us to “find love while saving the world” is based on exploration, resource gathering, fighting and flirting with various girls in search of more or less eternal love; if the end of the world seems imminent. this strange game world.

To get to know him better, we recommend the tried demo of the fight-based dating simulator, which we also watched with another trailer at the PC Gaming Show 2023.

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