Embracer Group: Staff cuts were ‘significant human cost’ but ‘necessary’

In an interview with GamesIndustry, interim chief strategy officer Phil Rogers said Embracer Group I talked about what happened recently staff cuts events that occur within the group have a significant human cost, but unfortunately this inevitable process.

As we reported on our pages, Embracer Group is facing a restructuring program that led to the layoff of 900 people at the end of September, approximately 5% of the company’s total workforce.

Embracer Group was forced to initiate this process after an agreement could not be reached with Saudi Prince Bin Salman’s SAVVI Group for a $2 billion investment. In the financial report, the company said the restructuring was as follows: still in “early stages”This means more layoffs are likely in the coming months and years, but it’s impossible to say how large.

Rogers is not exonerated on this issue, he will postpone the question until February next year.

“This is a thorny issue,” Rogers told GamesIndustry. “We report quarterly and we know operational groups are making changes. Some of these are newsworthy, some are not. We don’t comment on them but we will report when we get to the quarterly measurement dates. So next time it will be in February.”

Rogers added: “Our priorities… remain focused on collaboration and purpose at the project level. We have announced that we expect more restructurings and more cancellations, potentially further closures. “This is the balance we need to strike within the company… Because, as we said before, the human cost is important and important to us, too, and we must always manage this with respect and honesty.”

Embracer Group’s long-term goals do not change

Rogers said Embracer Group’s long-term goals remain unchanged: to strengthen profitable businesses and first class franchise For PCs and consoles, whose value increases over time due to high demand for new content.

“We have a solid foundation with predictable, profitable and cash-generating businesses, including a number of well-known PC and console franchises that are going from strength to strength over time,” Rogers added.

“Demand for content has never been higher and we are well positioned to benefit from this. We have great people and there are lots of them Premium IPand we aim to demonstrate the growing earning power of this combination over time.”

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