EA Sports FC, let’s get started: can the new FIFA achieve the same success?

EA Sports FC It was shown as a surprise with its first teaser and some key details. official presentation announced for next July. But the question everyone is asking is: Will it be able to achieve the same success as FIFA?

It’s not at all obvious when you think about it, and a lot depends on how Electronic Arts will act in the weeks that separate us from us. find out. First, in the press release released alongside the first EA Sports FC teaser, the publisher announced a series of official licenses will find its place in the game.

It is a universal language for football fans: despite the name change, features The features that have always distinguished this production are still the same and are based precisely on the presence of real players and teams, championships and faithfully reproduced events.

Naturally we will see an evolution of the project and in this sense the short video seems very important, the history of FIFA and Changes transitioning from the raster graphics of origins on 16-bit consoles over the years to today’s polygons and effects.

Let me be clear: no one expects a revolution, but there is a tangible possibility that Electronic Arts will want to improve this special case by including a large number of works. important newsboth in terms of gameplay and in terms of structure and graphics.

Perhaps ideas that the development team had been crafting for some time and deliberately set aside were set aside considering how important it was to make sure the new series debuted and the difference was in good shape compared to current FIFA 23. detected by users.

The great unknown remainswide comfortable sole He said that he goes to the store every year to buy a new version of FIFA and it can be difficult not to go home with a mixed martial arts simulator in a few months.

The Electronic Arts promotion machine will never have to work overtime as in this case, also taking advantage of that well-established and popular name that kids and/or their parents will ask the duty officer for the time being, has yet to make anyone snatch it.

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