EA: Dragon Age Dreadwolf won’t be out until April 2024, a racing game and a sports game are on the way

In its latest shareholder report, EA has outlined the lineup of games it will release during the current fiscal year and will expire this year. 31 March 2024. Between them two games yet to be announcedunfortunately Do not include Dragon Age Dreadwolf and skate.therefore it will not reach stores before April.

One of the two mystery games will be a racing game and the other will be an EA Sports sports game. Officially, there are no further details on the matter, but according to insider Tom Henderson, these are in order. WRC and UFC. In any case, we probably won’t have to wait long for official announcements at this point.

As for Dragon Age Dreadwolf, we currently do not have an indicative release date. We know work is currently in the final stages, as confirmed by Bioware, but development still needs several months to complete.

The same goes for skate, the new free-to-play game for consoles and PC by Full Circle, where new details about progression and events that can be held in the game were announced a few days ago. It also applies to. Either way, the hope is to learn more, perhaps during the summer conferences.

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