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Bleak Faith: Abandoned It was recently released on PC, PS4, and Xbox, and reports of the game’s use quickly surfaced online. Animations stolen from Elden Ring and Dark Souls. The studio later revealed exactly what happened.

in short The authors of Bleak Faith: Forsaken They have announced that they have purchased some animations and some generic assets (like rocks) via the Epic Marketplace. So the fault is not with the team, but with the people who buy the animations from Elden Ring and sell them through the Unreal Engine store.

In full, the team wrote: “We’ve always been transparent about it.Using the Epic Marketplace for quality animations suitable for our theme […] The only other Epic Marketplace stuff I use is generic VFX that would be a waste of time to recreate as I’m going to do pretty much the same stuff and things so generic (like some rocks). No art direction required. Whole world [di Bleak] it was made by hand and 10% of the graphic assets were made by someone else.”

An easy example of the animations featured in Bleak Faith: Forsaken is in the video below. It looks like the animations were pulled programmatically from FromSoftware’s games. Software called DS Anim Studiois not meant to “steal” animations and use them in commercial games. The creator of this tool also reported where to find stolen assets in the Marketplace.

At the time of writing, animations still available for purchaseit is therefore possible for various games in development to find themselves unintentionally using animations from Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

Finally, you can find the soulslike PC launch trailer from Archangel Studios here.

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