Diablo 4: The Barbarian will be upgraded after beta comments

Player reactions and comments to the beta Diablo 4 already made the first impact: barbarian will be augmented in the latest version of the game. Many noticed that the barbarian suffered a little too much in the early levels, where other classes had much less trouble dealing with the first waves of enemies and the first bosses. Blizzard took note of the collective perception and decided to intervene.

Therefore, the final version of the game (or perhaps the upcoming open beta) will see an enhanced version of the barbarian. Definitely good news for those who like close range combat. Diablo 4’s game director Joe Shely explained in an interview with GamesRadar that the barbarian spawns at higher levels because he can equip more items than any other class, which greatly increases his stats and gives him access to more legendary powers.

Regardless, Blizzard doesn’t want players who choose the barbarian to feel that way. weak at lower levels: “So we need to rebalance the class so that endgame power is recognized without making the game unfair at lower levels.”

So expect class improvements, at least for the lower tiers. One of the skills that can be upgraded is, Hammer of the AncientsIt doesn’t seem to be performing as it should.

For the rest, we remind you that it will start there on March 24, 2023. open Trial version Druid and Necromancer, where other classes of Diablo 4 will be introduced on PC and consoles.

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