Diablo 4: Release date and details of patch 1.2.1;

Blizzard announced patch 1.2.1 related to Diablo 4 It will be available from October 31, 2023 on all platforms, while fully revealing the official notes with all changes and innovations.

Confirming what was promised in the past, the update will introduce the command “Reset everything” on the Perfection Scoreboardthus allowing you to regain all points and try different builds more easily, thanks to more gold drops from Whispers of the Season of Blood.

Another will be added training dummy In an underground chamber accessible from Kyovashad. Players will be able to choose whether to attack a single dummy or a small group, choosing the difficulty between normal, elite, or boss to test their builds before engaging in combat.

Season of Blood Innovations

The update will also bring with it a number of changes focusing on the following issues: Season of Blood. In particular, Blood Resources will yield more Powerful Blood, and more detailed information has been added for Vampire Powers and upgrades.

There is a very long list for the rest. bug fixes it is increasingly less known in various aspects, from game dynamics to other mission-specific ones; plus improvements in performance, stability and graphics.

If you want to learn more, Official notes in Italian Diablo 4 patch 1.2.1 a this address.

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