Diablo 4: patch 1.1.3 announced, release date and details

The Blizzard team explained Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3It will be available on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles from now on. 29 August 2023In addition, the official notes of the update, which applied many fixes and changes, are also explained in detail.

Among the changes made were: Modified a large number of monsters and elite abilities produces debilitating effects. The team’s goal is to reduce the amount of time a player character spends under debilitating effects and provide more recovery time after these effects, especially at higher Earth levels.

Another change is about Posted in objects It will now be listed consistently and more changes are expected with the Season of Blood starting in October 2023.

Fixed issues with Season of Husks and more

Some of the Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3 fixes are related to: Season of Husks continues. For example, fixed an issue where Varshan’s Echo would not grant a secured legendary item beyond level 35, preventing Cormond from spawning in these cases after defeating Varshan in The Cold Hard Truth quest. .

Other fixes affect gameplay. For example, Druids can now leave previously obtained ones on the ground to open slots for Druidic Spirit offerings required to progress in certain quests.

For more details, we refer you to the Italian official notes for Diablo 4 a patch 1.1.3. this address.

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