Diablo 4: patch 1.0.3 available, changes to classes and more experience from Nightmare Expeditions

Blizzard released patches 1.03 related to Diablo 4 On PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The update fixed numerous bugs, made class balance changes, and much more.

One of the innovations that gamers will probably like the most is Experience points earned by completing Nightmare Expeditions and killing the enemies that fill these dungeons. Among other things, it was one of the innovations that Blizzard promised a few days ago, and with the possibility of teleporting directly within a campaign once activated, this looks like a feature that will be introduced later.

As expected, there were several. Class balance changesBlizzard’s goal is to increase the combat effect of basic skills, “make all configurations powerful and fun”, and increase the strength of some skills that are deemed inadequate by the community.

Finally, we found lots of resolved issues and changes to various elements including events and events, local co-op, quests and game interface. The list of changes is really huge and it is impossible to report it on our pages, so we direct you to: official notes in Italian Diablo 4 patch 1.03 one this address.

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