Diablo 4: Blizzard suggests taking a break between Seasons and playing something else

during the dedicated live broadcast Diablo 4 Released last week, the development team recommended it to all players who are struggling to find new incentives to play after reaching the max level. take a break and play something elseLater come back when a new Season is released and accompanying unpublished content.

“When you reached all your goals And you’ve done the things that matter to you and you want to take a break for a while to play something else, that’s fine,” said Diablo 4 co-director Joe Piepiora.

we do the same. But when a season comes and there’s new things to explore, it’s a great time to come back, especially if you enjoyed playing it before, that’s exactly when you need to come back and check out Diablo 4.

“I’ll be honest, when the next WoW expansion comes out [World of Warcraft]I have a chance to play World of Warcraft for a while,” added lead game producer Tim Ismay, “but it’s nice to know there’s a point where I can go back to Diablo 4 and everyone is on an equal footing.”

The recommendation by Piepiora and his colleagues is impeccable and probably the same as any player devoted to long-term live-serve games. After all, a period of fatigue may come sooner or later, and in those cases it’s best to take a break in the meantime, perhaps alternating with other games, and then return when the craving returns or there’s new stimulating content to try. .

That said, glad this advice comes from the developers, on the contrary, developers have every interest in keeping users hooked to their games for as long as possible.

Diablo 4 Season 1 is about to begin

In short, if Diablo 4 has gotten a bit boring after hundreds of hours of gameplay, you can take a break and “hold your breath” while you wait for the Season of the Husks, which will start on July 20, 2023.

According to Blizzard, players will be waiting for a new story unrelated to the original story, new enemies and a boss, and new mechanics of Vile Hearts that have the potential to “create stupidly broken structures.”

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