Diablo 4, a new gameplay trailer ahead of the open beta

Diablo 4 is the hero of a new story. trailer between Gameplay was made to promote its launch.open Trial versionWhich will be played from March 24-26 and, as you know, can be played by all users without discrimination.

We tried the Diablo 4 beta version.‘Early Access’ Reserved for pre-orders, we find ourselves in front of a robust and versatile experience characterized by the same disturbing atmospheres as the first episodes of the series.

The tests will be used to verify the stability of Diablo 4’s online infrastructure and make necessary changes to the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions until the game’s official release on June 6th. .

The beta will allow you to use various classes and experience the first stages of the long campaign, but then all progress will be canceled until launch.

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