Cyberpunk 2077 is the hero of new dynamic wallpaper for Xbox Series

Microsoft added a new one dynamic background to the collection Xbox Series with a new motion picture dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077This also turns out to be one of the best options seen so far for this console feature.

He was the one who announced the arrival of dynamic wallpaper for Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt REDWith a post on X where he announced the availability of the new animated image along with a practical example of the effect resulting from its implementation.

The image features what appears to be a female version of V framed from behind, a katana resting on her shoulder, and from a mesmerizing perspective. Night City.

One of the best dynamic wallpapers for Xbox

Night City and V are the heroes of the new dynamic background

“Visit Night City every time you turn on your console!” Write the message CD Projekt RED and invite everyone to try the new dynamic wallpaper, which seems to have been developed specifically for Cyberpunk 2077. partnership together with the development team.

The ability to apply dynamic wallpapers has long been requested by the community and has been receiving some support from Microsoft, especially recently, as we saw last week with the arrival of 5 dynamic wallpapers for consoles.

To apply a new background you need to go to: settings Xbox Series

The new option, available today and focusing on Cyberpunk 2077, is likely one of the best Options seen so far; So we recommend you try it.

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