Cocoon: High marks for the perfect adventure from the designer of Limbo and Inside

Cocoon It finally seems to confirm exactly what we were hoping for: a fantastic puzzle adventure worthy of games like Limbo and Inside, even if you look at the first ones votes Really too long appointed to the game by the expert press.

This is the new project from Jeppe Carlsen, the lead gameplay designer on the two aforementioned PlayDead games, so the comparison comes naturally. Cocoon seems to surpass them in some ways, especially by introducing a puzzle mechanic with rare crafting.

We invite you to read our Cocoon review first, then below is a list of the game’s initial ratings from Metacritic:

  • European Player – 100
  • GamesRadar+ – 100
  • GameReactor UK – 100
  • Digital Chumps – 95
  • Independent Informer – 95
  • Press start Australia – 90
  • IGN-90
  • God is a Cow – 90
  • Easy Allies – 90
  • Xbox Era – 90’s
  • Game Profit – 90
  • – ​​90
  • Hobbies Consolas – 89
  • Game Informer – 88
  • Shacknews – 80
  • Screen Profit – 80
  • Digital Trends – 80
  • Desert – 80
  • Worth Playing – 80
  • Siliconra – 80
  • Hard Player – 70

An amazing adventure also on Game Pass

Cocoon has some very strange settings

Of about twenty reviews on the portal in question, Cocoon’s current metascore is still not enough to give a stable rating. 89Therefore a very high score indeed, which confirms the excellent impressions gained since the first presentation of the game.

Reviewers are generally unanimous in their assessment. puzzle design Cocoon surprises the player not only with its creativity but also with the naturalness it presents itself to the player, who quickly understands its dynamics and masters them in the best possible way.

We would also like to remind you that Cocoon is available directly from day one, that is, from tomorrow, September 29, 2023. Xbox Game PassIt represents another of the major releases seen in Microsoft’s subscription service this period.

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