Cities Skylines 2: video explains how the economy works, layoffs and home loss

developers Cities: Skylines 2 It offers some ideas on economysimulated in detail, from layoffs to home loss.

“We wanted to create deep and complex system without being too complicated Managing” explains Colossal Order in a new video you can find above, “allowing you to spend more time building the city rather than thinking about every little detail at every turn possible”.

Economy of Cities: Skylines 2

Cities: Skylines 2 aims for grand realism

Citizens will have a number of preferences in this regard. place to live: For example, extended families prefer larger homes and workers close to their employers. Household resources are simulated so people will realistically go grocery shopping when they run out of food.

If a family runs out of money, will start looking for cheaper housing and will try to move to another city if not found. The contractors “are homeless if the family is very poor and can’t find a new flat and can’t afford to leave the city. In that case, they can live in city parks until their situation changes.”

Cities: Skylines 2 seems to be tied to something. many economic factorsthis should mean that the simulation will offer a variety of ways to approach problems. Businesses must maintain profit margins on the products and services they sell. “If demand for the product drops,” the developers explain, “companies cut production and lay off some employees to continue being profitable.”

Finally, we remind you that the content that came as DLC in the first game will be a part of the sequel from the launch.

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