Call of Duty: Activision confirms new games are planned until 2027

It appears that Activision is already planning future chapters of the Call of Duty saga at least through 2027. Even though the confirmation is “news,” we can’t be surprised. The information comes from Activision president Rob Kostich, who talked about the first 20 years of Call of Duty and the direction the series could take in the future in an interview with GamesBeat.

Kostich said that Activision has learned from each game in the series, and that games set in the contemporary or near future are often the best choices. “We are in the process of continuous planning, long-term planning,” he said. “We have games lined up through 2027 for things we’re working on right now.”

Stating that all of Activision’s major studios contributed to Call of Duty, Kostich said that approximately 3,000 developers are currently working on the series.

Call of Duty, historical period and weapons are an important choice

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III or its 2023 episode

Initially focused on II. World WarCall of Duty debuted with the launch of the Modern Warfare sub-series. While the Black Ops saga instead focused on the Cold War era and near-future settings, Infinite Warfare was set in the distant future.

“Franchises Modern Warfare and Black Ops They are very popular. We’ve certainly had other games that have performed very well; such as the original Sledgehammer World War II game from 2017, which performed very, very well.”

“It’s a balance and I think the most important thing is that we need it. providing well differentiated experiencesbeautiful things that allow people to play games and feel like they’re having new kinds of fun.”

Kostich said Weapons available at a particular time The duration of time plays a fundamental role in determining whether it is a suitable setting for the epic. “Ultimately, I think guns are a very important part of Call of Duty for us. We also think about what they allow us to do narratively, no matter what historical period we find ourselves in.”

“The challenge is that when you get into World War II or earlier, there is less flexibility If you try to maintain a somewhat realistic tone, that’s important for Call of Duty. “Our fans strongly define, among other things, what Call of Duty is and what it is not.”

“Once you get inmodern era, you have much more flexibility. If you dig a little deeper into the future, you get even more flexibility in what you can do with weapons. The Black Ops field is very interesting because Covert Ops are things that no one knows about. “There’s a lot of creativity applied to Black Ops, and it’s always a lot of fun when the developers get to grips with it.”

Looking at the next part, here is a trailer that reveals the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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