Bluey: The Video Game is available starting today, kicking off an Xbox-themed Series

Bluey: The video game Available today for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5. At the same time, Microsoft made an announcement. competition Global connection with this enjoyable animated series that can win Xbox Series theme.

As you can see, Bluey appears on the console and covers it completely, while her sister has also found a place on the controller. Bingo. Naturally the dominant color is that of the cute dog.

To win this awesome version of the Xbox Series Follow Xbox on X and retweet Xbox tweet The competition starts today and runs until December 13, 2023. For all the rules, Click here. Microsoft states: “The Bluey console and controller are limited to giveaways and are not for retail sale.”

launch trailer

Besides game and console, lunch promotion, shows the game in action. You can see below:

Developed by Outright Games, a publisher specializing in games for the whole family, Bluey: The Video Game tells an original story set in some of the series’ most iconic locations, such as the playground, the stream and many more. Naturally, the home of the protagonist family, the Heelers, is not missing (fully usable in co-op mode).

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