Bloodborne Kart: A trailer introduces Micolash and the chase mode

Work is continuing Bloody CardThe racing game that is a spin-off of the PSX version of Bloodborne, and in the meantime, writer Lilith Walther has released a new game. trailer involving one of the game’s pilots, namely Nightmare Lord Micolash.

This is an old favorite for Bloodborne players. In fact, he is one of FromSoftware’s soulslike bosses, and his confrontation is one of the most special, given that players must chase this strange man through a cage on a level made up of fog-covered corridors where dummy enemies hide.

The quirks of this boss fight are somehow incorporated into the Bloodborne Kart as well. Just like in the original game, Micolash is an outstanding runner and therefore, unlike other characters, he will race on foot. Not only that, she’s going to play some kind of lead role. monitoring modewe’ll have to chase him down a complex course of dead ends, trampolines and portals a bit like in the original Bloodborne.

What is the Bloodborne Card?

Bloodborne Kart is an amateur PC racing game inspired by Mario Kart It’s set in Yharnam of Bloodborne and stars characters from the FromSoftware action RPG, including Gehrman, Father Gascoigne, and the Hunter. All done using the same retro graphics of Bloodborne PSX, the remake again by Lilith Walter.

The tracks will be full of bends, jumps, live obstacles and also with bonuses to collect when you shoot a gun or use the special abilities of the character you are using. The mod does not have a release date yet.

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