Battlefield 2042: Xbox Game Pass launch was a “highlight” for DICE

In an interview with GamesRadar, DICE senior producer Ryan McArthur said, great importance which covered Xbox Game Pass on the long road to salvation battlefield 2042 and how it encourages the development team to improve the quality of the game.

Despite being one of the most anticipated games of 2021, Battlefield 2042 failed to positively impact players who left the game servers shortly after due to a series of issues at launch. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and in the months following its release, the DICE team rolled up their sleeves and offered regular updates to improve the quality of the multiplayer shooter, which is much better today.

Definitely one of the highlights of this path of redemption. Launch on Xbox Game Pass Considering the large number of users who subscribed to the Microsoft service and tried Battlefield for the first time through EA Play during Season 3 in November 2022, it was a huge incentive for the development team to further improve the quality of the game. 2042.

“I’m a big supporter of services like Game Pass, and that was a big moment for us, something we marked on the calendar,” McArthur said.

“Something we’ve talked about a lot inside is that if we’re going to open this game to a bunch of new players, then it has to be good. Then it has to be the game we want it to be.” We started it, and that got the team moving as we approached that date.”

Battlefield 2042 redemption

Game Pass aside, McArthur has revealed what Battlefield 2042’s player base is growing with each new seasonthereby encouraging the creativity and commitment of the development team.

“I think that’s why every season has been better than the last,” McArthur said. “Look at not just the core work, but the weapons we’ve made, the fact that we’ve overhauled every map at launch – it’s something we’ve never done before. While it’s hard, it’s also a lot of fun for us. Looking back on my career, it’s probably the journey I’m most proud of. ”

McArthur later added that DICE will continue to commit. Making Battlefield 2042 the best game possible before the next game in the series comes out.

“People stumble and make mistakes. I think it’s good for us to have the ability to go back and do what we think we can do best. It was fun to see players coming back to the game and giving us another possibility.”

Talking about the next chapter in the series, EA made a brief statement about what the new Battlefield will be, talking about the “connected ecosystem”.

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