Available today, Callisto Procotol: Riot Mode is included in the Season Pass

This riot modenew mode Callisto ProtocolAnd available Starting today, it can be downloaded at no additional cost to Season Pass or Deluxe Edition owners or purchased for $9.99 through the Riot Bundle.

Announced a few days ago, The Callisto Protocol’s Rebellion Mode offers players an extra challenge, Unregulated area of ​​Black Iron Prison infested with swarms of biophages.

The package synopsis reads, “Face waves of increasingly difficult enemies, earn coupons to unlock powerful upgrades, and buy health and resources to try to survive.”

“Completing objectives will earn you a special temporary ability that gives you unlimited ammo and GRP charges that instantly kill enemies and make battles less difficult.”

“Show off your ability to kill biophages. The ‘Uprising’ pack adds eleven new animations where Jacob brutally kills biophages in creative ways, available in all modes!”

“Honor the memory of Callisto’s first settlers by donning the ‘Miner’ skin collection, a new cosmetic set for character, weapons and gear. Also, if you get 20,000 coupons by playing the Uprising mode, you’ll unlock the ‘Purification’ skin collection.”

Learn more about survival horror directed by Glen Schofield in our review of The Callisto Protocol.

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