Apple vs Epic Games: Cupertino house appeals to Supreme Court again

There The battle between Apple and Epic Games As it turns out, he’s not done yet with the Cupertino house that decides. appeal again to overturn his sentence Fortnite house reasoned about being able to apply to external stores for in-app purchases.

The legal battle began years ago with Fortnite’s spy belli: the game has arrived removed Suddenly from the App Store and Google Play due to a new monetization system introduced by Epic Games that can allow direct payments to the publisher for microtransactions without going through the standard mechanisms of the store.

This fact exposed Pandora’s box of fees for in-store purchases, which was the main contention of the lawsuit in question, with Epic Games seeking a fairer treatment for developers and publishers than the 30% fee charged by store managers.

Legal battle between Apple and Epic Games

The fight was partly positive for Epic Games, both as it raised awareness of the excessively heavy taxes imposed by the makers, and the California Court that reviewed the case. anti-steering rule Required by Apple.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers settled with Apple for 9 of the 10 aforementioned points, but the only point in Epic Games’ favor has been so significant that it obsessed the Cupertino home once remembered on appeal. decision.

According to the judge’s decision, Apple cannot prevent the possibility for developers to divert monetization from microtransactions to systems independent of the main store. The Cupertino house has now decided to appeal to the United States Supreme Court based on some legal controversy, such as the impossibility of negotiating nationally in a case based in a particular district court.

Apple has not been able to reverse its decision before, we’ll see what happens this time.

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