Apple iPhone 16 Pro will cost more than the 15 Pro because of the camera

Apple plans to revolutionize the photography experience on the 16 Pro with the use of printed glass lenses and advanced optical zoom, but costs may increase.

According to unofficial Chinese sources, the next iPhone 16 Pro will offer something new in the field of optics.integration of telephoto lens with thinner lenses.

Paying particular attention to the development of the photography industry, Apple is making significant improvements in preparation for its three new flagship models, iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.
The standard Pro model in particular will be of interest because this year it showed less pronounced growth compared to the previous generation, compared to the Pro Max.

Printed glass lenses

First images of iPhone 16 Pro
First images of iPhone 16 Pro

Currently, Apple is focusing on making future iPhones lighter and easier to use, with particular emphasis on the iPhone 16 Pro.

Related future features include latest generation “printed” glass lenses stand outIt represents the future of optics with a more compact and lighter design.
From a theoretical perspective, this new type of lens stands out for its lightness and thinness compared to conventional glass, without sacrificing magnifying power.

These advanced lenses will result in a significant reduction in physical size, thus enabling greater space optimization when integrated into a telephoto lens.

In parallel, an improvement in the quality of the captured images will be observed, and the iPhone 16 Pro is promised to perform magnification of exceptional quality.

However, there are signs of possible obstacles in the production phase of these lenses, which could affect Apple’s production capacity and lead to an increase in device costs.

super telephoto lens

iPhone 16 is planned to be released in autumn 2024
iPhone 16 is planned to be released in autumn 2024

The main difference of the current 15 Pro compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max isabsence of tetraprism telephoto lensFollowing the previous standard of the iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro, the base version is stuck at 3x, while the larger model allows 5x zoom.

This discrepancy was attributed to the lack of internal space on the current Pro, which prevented the inclusion of a telephoto lens.

However, it seems that a size revision is expected in the next iPhone 16 Pro. 6.3 inch screen It is accompanied by the introduction of potentially “super” telephoto lens technology, replacing the previous 6.1.
This suggests the possibility of these models reaching focal lengths exceeding 300 mm.

It is worth emphasizing that These improvements will have a significant impact on production costs.

While prices remain stable this year, they may rise in 2024; Among other things, Apple may soon announce new features. new capacitive button or A18 SoC processor.
Even though there is no data on this subject, it is useful to consider the numbers. $1500 and above.

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