Announced by Devolver, Baby Steps: literally a crazy “walking simulator”

Among the most ridiculous news released during the Devolver Direct were: baby stepsa game that is presented as if it were real in every way “walking simulator”we are facing one silly story.

The protagonist of the game is Nate, a man who obviously lacks great qualities, accustomed to living on the couch and watching TV. special power: the ability to put one foot in front of the other.

In this way, he finds himself as the protagonist of an incredible adventure.

As seen in the trailer above, this is a ugly adventure with Nate, who finds himself learning to walk in every way, while trying to measure his steps and stay balanced, passing through various environments and especially difficult obstacles, and making slightly awkward encounters.

From the creators of Ape Out, QWOP and various other goodies thus comes this crazy “walking simulator” that could truly represent one of the weirdest games of the next year. 2024 On PC and PS5.

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