Amnesia: The Bunker, Halloween update makes the game scarier and more difficult

Developer Frictional Games announced a new update for the horror game Amnesia: Sanctuary. Update to be released on time HalloweenIt will include a number of new features that will add color to the game. scarier and harder.

As you can read via X, Amnesia: The Bunker will feature a new Shellshocked mode that significantly reduces the number of areas the player can hide in. This new mode also includes other changes, such as the game not pausing when opening menus.

The administrative office will also be less secure. shell shock modeBecause their doors will now be made of wood and therefore can be demolished. This mod also randomizes the location of items and hazards, giving players the chance to start a new game without their trusty weapons.

Amnesia: What is the Bunker about?

Amnesia: Sanctuary

Amnesia: The Bunker launched in June for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game involves players Trenches of World War IThe protagonist, Henri Clement, is trapped in an underground lair where a wild beast is hunting him.

In our review we told you: “Amnesia: The Bunker Frictional Games returns to pure horror, expanding and reworking the theoretical foundation it laid out first in Penumbra and then in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The result is one of the best games yet.” The most terrifying of recent years, extremely detailed in terms of gameplay, very detailed in design and harsh on the player, to the point of being angular in its apparent disturbing conceptual simplicity. In reality, it is a very detailed game that leaves nothing to chance and is built on the foundations of the development team’s already experience with the genre. It’s pretty solid.”

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